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Halloween Costume: Davy Crockett

Last summer we were in a silly souvenir shop in South Lake Tahoe when Jack stumbled upon a ‘coon skin cap. He immediately fell in love the look and began asking about Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett… and ultimately his Halloween costume was born. Jack, like his mom, loves Halloween and takes great pride in his costume. He spent the last month or more researching Davy Crockett so he would get all the details right.

My dad (pictured above) had a old bison horn he made into a powder horn. Like the lady bug candy tote in Kate’s costume, the powder horn is the WOW factor of Jack’s costume.

Here’s what we used: 

  • Brown long sleeved shirt and brown pants
  • Faux fur vest (found in the girls department at Target!)
  • ‘Coon Skin Hat from local Outdoorsman shop
  • Brown fringe from Walmart fabric department
  • Faux leather satchel for candy (I made this myself… I winged it giving it an authentic “rustic” look. Ha!)
I originally glue-gunned the fringe on the costume, but it didn’t hold up after a rambunctious Halloween party. I went back and sewed it on. If you’re using the costume for one night of trick-or-treating the glue gun method will work well. If you have several events or you’re sending your little one to school dressed up, I highly recommend breaking out the sewing machine.
Davy Crockett wins “Best Costume”. Yeah!!
Happy Halloween from Ladybug Girl and Davy Crockett
  • Linda @alamodestuff - Perfect costume, nicely executed! They both look great. Why am I not surprised that Kate is a ladybug?ReplyCancel

  • Mim - The pictures don’t do it justice…it was GREAT!ReplyCancel

  • sue-z - Great idea and unique!
    btw, I notice more sister/bro resemblance now. Cute pics.ReplyCancel

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